The boys are excited!

I scored a lot of onesies off ebay last week and they showed up this week. What’s a girl to do with no babies to dress? Of course, try it on the cat! 

Carter being a pretty good sport, Jackson would never have allowed this

Here he is with all of the onesies, I think he was upset his mom didn’t think of tucking the tag in.

Jackson checking out the clothes my mom bought, it was hard to get him to move for the picture (he likes to roll around in the clothes)

The matching outfits my mom picked out, fire trucks of course!

The matching outfits my dad picked out, love the overalls!  (notice who is nearby)

I scored a free changing table pad yesterday and Carter just had to give it a try (it was brand new!)


The cats love hanging out in the nursery, they are making sure everything is just perfect for Tom and Jerry.  By perfect I mean, small teeth holes and maybe a few claw marks!  Oh, and a lot of cat hair!

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  1. the clothing is adorable!! Is there anything better than twins? I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Kimmie & Annie Brown dress alike all the time!
    I should try some of Sam’s outfits on Lola and see how they look (we have some up to 18 mos.)
    I LOVE the changing table — how in the world did you score that for free?…it’s gorgeous!! I’m green w/ envy :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    Meg DeZutti’s last blog post..My current baby

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