Spring Time

I know for a lot of you spring is still a few weeks off, so I thought I would share our spring with you.  🙂


Interesting bugs are starting to show up.  This one is the whole reason I even got the camera out, I had never seen one like it before.


My cactus is in bloom, pretty pink flowers!


Taffi enjoying the lovely afternoon

Swiss Chard and Kale


Peach tree is in bloom


She is actually trying to pick her own snow pea in this shot, the dogs are addicted!

This is a big no, no!  


Carter decided he needed to hang with us, so he let himself out

The dogs and I had a great time enjoying our spring weather this afternoon.  I think we all have a touch of spring fever now and will be spending a ton of time outside.

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  1. Spring is officially three weeks away–but here in central Oklahoma it sure feels like spring. No bugs or spiders to photoshop(sorry Matt)yet, but the temp is nice.

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