Saturday Biking in prescott

Today, Stephanie and I went up north to prescott for some biking. We are participating in the Go Off Road Duathlon (run – bike – run) in 2 weeks, and we needed to pre ride the course. Good thing we did, because its way more hilly than anything we have here in the valley. I mean some steep, long climbs at altitude.

Stephanie and her bike.


the zoom in of what she did to her bike

Yep, she some how over shifted, and then wrapped the chain around the crank arm. I really have no idea how she did it to be honest. 


Me riding through a tunnel

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  1. Hey guys we leave for Ethiopia March 8th and wanted to see if you would like us to update you on your little ones while we are there? If you do just email me any info that will help us pick them out ;o)

    Robin Fine’s last blog post..9 Days

  2. Wow! Way to go Stephanie! That is quite impressive! Can’t say I’ve seen that one before. 🙂
    Good luck in the Duathalon – and especially with the altitude and hills. How long is the race? Let us know how you do!

    Tegan’s last blog post..19 weeks

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