Guessing Game

I have been teasing Matt about how many t-shirts he owned lately. He always just brushed it off saying that it wasn’t REALLY that many. Well he finally broke down and counted all his t-shirts. He was shocked by the number. I decided it would be fun to have all our blog readers guess on how many t-shirts you think Matt owns. There is no prize, well maybe a t-shirt or two!

Not all t-shirts are shown

Start guessing!

18 Replies to “Guessing Game”

  1. I’m going with 42. When I packed to move out here to Denver I was flaborgasted at how many I own…totally made me feel like a girl (no offense Stephanie). By the way Tristan’s guess is 57! And if we win he can keep his shirts, thank’s though!

  2. Here are my Grandparents’ guesses:

    Stephanie our guesses for Matts shirts, dad says 38, my guess 64. He must have alot.

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