Friday Update – 01.30.09

Adoption: Still waiting! 47 weeks! Anyone want to take bets that we will get to 50? (I am thinking more and more that I was right with February 23) There was lots of good news this week. 12 infants were referred. Seven girls and five boys! Congratulations to all the happy families. We also received news that due to the extended wait from referral to travel our agency will be providing more photo updates for waiting families. Families were just getting pictures at referral and after passing court, but now they will get pictures ever 4-6 weeks.

Training: Training for the duathlon is still going well. I ended up taking two days off this week due to a little cold. I was also hoping to add some strength training this week, but it just didn’t happen. I hope to be back to full strength next week.

Gardening: The winter garden is still going strong. I have been snacking on snow peas all week. Yummy! My first head of broccoli is finally starting to grow. It looks like I will have some onions and garlic in a couple of months. It is also time to start seeds for the spring garden.

Biking: I still love my new bike, even if it tried to eat my pants today. Thanks to Keith and Erin I have a lovely sticker of Africa on it.

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  1. We started picking snow peas last week. Our broccoli heads are litte but they are REALLY good. We’ve never grown our own broccoli. I have to say, it’s so much better.

    We are definately heading out to the copa’ in a few months. We’ve already started adding onto the guest house at my grandparents. Definitely have to a play date even though I’ve never done one before. 🙂

    Nicole’s last blog post..

  2. This has to be THE MONTH for you guys. Seriously. I hold my breath every time I see a new post on your site. 🙂
    I really hope you don’t go past 48 weeks.
    Yeah, we’ll be waiting for a while before we start our kids room! 😉

    Tegan’s last blog post..Water for Everyone

  3. You are so close, I keep waiting to here the good news when you get the call. Hope that sticker gets you far on your bike. hehe

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