Friday Update – 01.16.09

Adoption Update:  45 weeks down!  I am trying to feel better about the wait, but it was difficult this week.  The wait for referral is one thing, but the wait from referral to travel has been extended and is now expected to take about four months.  It used to only be about two.  The increase of adoptions in Ethiopia has burdened an already overwhelmed system, please pray for the Ethiopian government and that they are able to do what is best for the children.  Also, pray for the adopting families to have patience as this part of the wait is the most difficult.  To know your child but not be able to hold, comfort, or love on is a very difficult time.  

It has been a month since the last round of referrals.  To be honest I always knew in my heart there would be a drought of referrals before we received our referral.  I do not know how long that drought is going to last, but I am hoping that this is the last drought we have to make it through.

Duathlon Training:  I have been doing very well with my training.  I either bike or run every day and some days I do both.  I am improving little by little and happy with the results so far.

Gardening:  The garden is continuing to thrive.

First snow pea!

Life:  Is going great.  We are going to see Abby tomorrow and Matt is doing a little photo shoot with her.  I am sure we will have some cute pictures to share.  We are also going mountain biking.  I last went on my birthday so I am long overdue for a ride.

With the duathlon training Matt wanted to buy me a road bike, but I opted for a new (to me) commuter bike that would also make a decent road bike for the few times I will need it as one.  I got to ride her for the first time today and am loving her.  My old commuter was a little small, plus this new one has a few more gears.  Needless to say it is much faster and easier to ride.

Matt still needs to attach my panniers and my basket then I will be all set for running errands again.  Oh and that suspension seat post has got to go!

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  1. Once you get the referal and are waiting to travel do they update you periodically with pictures and tidbits about the kids? What kind of information do they provide at the time of the referral?

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