and the winner is


Since I am married to a geek who has millions of t-shirts I am going to guess 84.
We hang everything over here. I think hanging takes so much less time than folding and you can see everything. I hang everything.

Matt actually has 83 t-shirts! Yes he does hang most of them, but he also has some in a dresser drawer. (I am like Sandi, I prefer to hang over folding.) We had a good laugh the other night when he counted them up!

BTW Kendall in this house I believe the boy clothes out number the girl clothes.

In all honesty he did not buy the majority of his shirts, quite a few are ones he has designed for clients and other miscellaneous freebies.

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  1. Well, it’s good to know my guess of 79 wasn’t too far off.
    The only bad thing about the baby coming is we will lose an entire closet. Guess I need to get organizing, and figure out what to do with my wedding dress, which takes up quite a bit of room in Sam’s closet at present.

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