25 Things about Me

You can thank Meg for this boring post!

These are in no particular order.

1. I thank God every day that I married the perfect man for me.

2. I am painfully shy. Matt was seriously shocked I used the blog. I have to be fairly comfortable with the majority of a people in a room to even say a thing.

3. I absolutely love the ocean. It is one of my favorite places to be.

4. College took me 5 years and several summers, because I could never decide on a major. The sad part is now I would choose a totally different major.

5. I never really wanted a career, being a stay at home mom was the ideal job to me.

6. I used to dream of playing in the NBA. I figured if Muggsy Bogues could do it so could I.

7. I do not like to do my hair. I hardly ever do much to it and do not really use any products. So, the pictures you saw last Wednesday, my hair stylist did that and my hair will probably not ever look like that again and I don’t care.

8. I love coffee and could not imagine starting my day any other way.

9. I don’t really care to go see a movie and I pretty much never want to see a movie more than once.

10. Bridges over water seriously freak me out!

11. I find it very satisfying to eat food I have grown myself.

12. I would own many more animals if we had more space and if Matt would let me.

13. Close-minded people seriously annoy me.

14. I think there are better ways to argue your point then attack the other person. Not that I am all that good at arguing my point, but I don’t see how attacking someone would make them see my point.

15. I am not much of a morning person and I am definitely not a night owl. What can I say, I love my sleep!

16. I seriously thought I might die when at my first retail job they told me I had to greet customers that came to my register. Now I am thankful for that job because it helped me in so many ways.

17. I never thought I would want or use a blackberry, but now that I have one I am so addicted.

18. I cheer for the Cardinals and the Cowboys. Most people just know me as a Cowboys fan because that is all I would admit too, but I have cheered for the Cardinals at a Cardinals/Cowboys game and almost got myself into a fight with a Cowboys fan, luckily my college roommate saved my butt because I didn’t stand a chance. I am not very good at being a one team person. In fact, I usually have multiple favorite teams. (Also, I feel extremely guilty for all these years of pretending to not be a fan of the Cardinals, sorry guys.)

19. If none of my teams are playing, I will always cheer for the underdog.

20. I wish I could sing, but I am absolutely horrible.

21. My desk is almost always messy, which drives my husband nuts.

22. I don’t shower every day. I also don’t think it is necessary for the majority of Americans.

23. I used to think I couldn’t get through the day if I didn’t have a Dr. Pepper, now I hardly ever drink pop.

24. I am a big time procrastinator. I even wrote a paper in college on procrastination. Of course, I wrote it the night before it was due.

25. I now love to cook, but when I first got married I hardly knew how to boil noodles.

That took me way too long, Thanks Meg!

(I will post the t-shirt guessing game results tomorrow, so please guess if you haven’t already.)