25 things about matt

since stephanie did it. I assume I needed to as well. 

  1. According to some people I have too many shirts, yes 84 is a lot of t shirts. The funny thing is I still find shirts I want to buy all the time. 
  2. I really love my wife. I think she is fun, smart, giving, loving and lets not forget hot. I enjoy hanging out with her a lot. 
  3. I am probably addicted to biking, and bikes. I may have 4 in the garage at any given moment.
  4. I wake up pretty early almost every day, sans-alarm. Its kind of odd. Even on days I dont need to get up. 
  5. I love my job. I mean really, how cool is it that I make web sites for clients across the US and now Canada and London. 
  6. im a super mac geek. i really cant stand using PCs. but I grew up on a mac since i was a kid.
  7. although number 6 is true. I dont own an iphone (at&t = booo). I have a blackberry and dig it.
  8. I grew up playing ice hockey. A lot. I mean i dont think i figured out that i liked girls till 17 or so. I played hockey that much. 
  9. I grew up in a small town in the mountains outside of colorado springs. Population 3k, Elevation 9k.
  10. I enjoy reading business and religious books, but not much in the fiction realm.
  11. i, like stephanie, enjoy projects at the last minute. 
  12. i love to work out, and take on big tasks, but I have a hard time finishing things. like say… the 100 push ups deal. lets hope my duathlon training doesnt follow trend.
  13. I enjoy video games, but rarely play by myself.
  14. I am nice guy so often it gets me burned, walked on, or over committed sometimes. Its annoying. 
  15.  Shiny things distract me
  16. i talk. a lot. i mean a lot. I dont know why. I have to make a conscious effort to shut up.
  17. I have always wanted a really cool tattoo, but I have a hard time committing to anything longer than a few weeks, and I would rather spend the money on bike parts. So it will never happen. And my grandma may disown me. 
  18. i think guys that wear v-neck shirts are weird. 
  19. i really like cars. All kinds. I have some deep appreciation for the beauty of a nice car. Not even fancy ones sometimes. 
  20. i think god truly loves us more than we can understand, yet we get in our own way constantly, and screw everything up on a daily basis. I do at least. 
  21. i hear there is some sort of big football shindig on tv this weekend. but i only kind of care. I just like the junk food, and the commercials. Football, basketball, and baseball are kind of boring. Especially baseball.
  22. moose drool is by far my favorite beer. 
  23. i enjoy Brinner often (breakfast for dinner if you didnt know – all the cool kids are trying it)
  24. i really like being outside. unless its 134° like it is here in the summer, even then I just go biking at 5 am, since I am up anyway. 
  25. i enjoy photography. Stephanie lets me be a geek with my dSLR, and buy camera toys every now and then.
btw this list took me about 15 minutes. I could probably do 50 if I had to, but it would get pretty random.