2009 Goals

As promised here are my 2009 goals.  I thought I should get around to posting them before January was over!

1. This one was originally run a 5k and possibly a 10k sometime this year, but I have already changed my mind.  I am not giving up on running instead I have (as has Matt) decided to train for a duathlon.  Yep biking and running.  Matt is definitely doing this one, I am considering it, but 8.4 miles of mountain biking is a lot to me!  I am training for the Duathlon For the Cure.  If travel still isn’t in our future after those we are going to the beach.

2.  Focus more on the first two R’s of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.  I didn’t know until I read this post that they are actually listed in order of importance.  Matt and I have already made improvements in this area, but we are looking to do more.  I have committed to only buying used or handmade clothing for myself (excluding undergarments) and will more than likely do the same for Tom and Jerry.  Overall we will both work on just buying less, consider what we truly want and really need.  Reusing is actually harder for me, my brain just doesn’t seem to think that way, but I am working on it, before I throw something out I try to think of any other possible uses for the item.

3.  Make gardening, preserving, and making my own a priority.  My little garden is growing more ever year, Matt is telling me I am out of space, but I don’t think so, I still want to add more.  Having more home grown goodies will lead to a need for learning more preservation methods, so I can have home grown goodness all year long.  As for making my own, I will continue to make my own bread and just started making my own yogurt (surprisingly easy).  

4.  Continue with my goals of 2008, mainly eating more vegetarian and wasting less!  I would like to get down to less than 75 gallons per person per day of water.  Continue eating just one to two meals that include meat a week.

I will keep you updated on my goals as I remember.

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  1. Nice goals.

    I have noticed that the cloth diapers use a lot of water to clean. I have seen a slight increase to our water usage given my every other day cleaning of them.

    sandi’s last blog post..Peaceful growth

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