One Car

We have owned just one car for about a year and a half now.  We are lucky that we have the ability to do this, Matt’s office is close to home and we have great biking weather for about nine months of the year, we also live close to the grocery store, post office, and bank, plus I don’t have to work a full-time job outside the house.  

Owning one car is so much less expensive then operating and insuring two cars.  When we first made this decision we didn’t know how long this would last and some people had serious doubts about this.  After all, the world we grew up in families had at least two cars, this was a big shift in the way of thinking that surrounded us, but I have to say we love it!  We have had an occasional snag where a second car would have been convenient, but I am not against bumming a ride or borrowing a car.  For the most part our one car life has run smoothly, and on most days of the week our car stays in the garage.  

We are also lucky in the fact that the one car we do have is awesome!  It is very versatile, fun to drive, and is a nice bright orange.  We have been known to treat our car much like a truck.  We have brought home trees, lumber, and even a four drawer file cabinet in the back.  Of course, on the rare occasion we have something too big for our car, my dad is nice enough to let us borrow his truck.

When we first started the adoption process, we also started discussing what our second vehicle would be.  We are now strongly considering just keeping our family a one car family.  We know for sure we will give it a try and then reevaluate later.


Here is a picture of our baby:



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  1. Good for you!! Our little “bedroom” community doesn’t have any sort of mass transit system and we’re about 15 miles from the campus where we work, so really too far to bike. We lived on 1 car when our girls were babies and it was so nice to save all of that money!! I say stick it out as long as you can!!

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