Nine Months

Matt and I started our adoption journey nine months ago today.  It is hard to believe it has been nine months, the time has gone by fairly quickly.  We have been waiting for about a third of that time, if we end up having to wait the top amount of time are agency is now predicting that would be about another nine months.  It us hard to imagine waiting that long, when we started this journey we fully expected to get our referral this summer and travel before fall, even though we were told by our adoption consultant at the time we started that wait time could and probably would increase.  I chose not to listen to her wisdom until, of course, I saw the evidence for myself that the wait times had indeed increased.  I have prepared myself for the wait to last until fall, which would put us waiting for 6-8 months.  I really wanted to have Tom and Jerry home by Christmas.  Of course, if fall comes and goes without a referral I will have to wait just a little longer.  I know I can and will be patient (for the most part), but at times it can be so difficult.  I cannot wait to meet them, hold them, and just love them!

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  1. congrats on making it through the first 9 months! hopefully, you won’t have to wait until the longer end of the wait…hopefully closer to the shorter end!!

  2. 9 months! Crazy how it seems like forever and yesterday all at the same time. Let’s just plan to travel to get our little ones and Christmas time. That way if it comes sooner, we will be super excited. And either way, Christmas in Ethiopia would be pretty special!

  3. Impatience can also be read as an excitement, and who wouldn’t be! Here’s to wishing that you are not on the longer end of the predicted wait time.

    Jennifer N.
    Children’s Hope Communications

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