I….Love, Hate, Think, Believe, Feel, Wish

I found this great site today.


I found this very interesting to watch. Basically its feeding from what people post around the world in their twitter account. (Twitter is like a mini blog I guess. People post one or 2 line sentences about what they are doing that very moment. Many twitterers post 20+ times a day. I dont have time for that kind of effort.) 


I found the Love, Think, and Believe columns to be full of hope and joy. I find it odd that we as humans strive for personal connections on such a deep level, that we can actually use technology to connect with others, yet never leave our computers. Now here I am excited that I can read the posts of so many people I dont know, and enjoy seeing what they Love, Hate, Think, Believe, Feel, and Wish. I guess I’m part of the non-personal personal connection chain too. 

In case you didn't know….

I am way too excited that this came out today. 



New tracks, go-karts & motorcycles, play up to 11 other people, and race people around the world via the internet. Awesome. 


that is all. 

Human Footprint Part 2

I did get to watch the Human Footprint the other night and was a little disappointed.  Even though it held true to its promise of showing all the things we consume in our life time, it didn’t express the impact of the consumption, or even suggest any changes to our lifestyles.  I admit I could have missed it if they brought up either of those things briefly as we (Matt and Eric) were a little chatty during the show.  In their defense they were discussing the show.  At one point they waited anxiously for the show to tell us how much a woman spends in a lifetime on clothing, it had already told us how much a man spends, so it is only fair if they tell us how much a woman spends.  It never told us and they were sorely disappointed.  

Instead of watching the Human Footprint, if you haven’t already, I highly recommend the Story of Stuff.  It is only 20 minutes compared to two hours and goes over the basics of human consumption and its impact on the world.  There is even the suggestion that we can change the consumption driven lifestyle.  

Human Footprint

I think the Human Footprint looks interesting.  It airs tonight on National Geographic at 9pm.  It shows the total American’s consumption in a lifetime all at once.  I think we tend to be a wasteful society and there are areas we can cut back.  I encourage you to watch this.


I will not be watching tonight as we do not have cable, but my neighbor is tivoing it for me and we will watch it out their house sometime soon.

Test Post

It has come to our attention that subscribers are not getting emailed, so I played with a few setting and I am testing it.  If you get an email please let me know by commenting.  Thanks!


comments fixed

so I broke the comments when I upgraded our blog to wordpress 2.5. I have them fixed. Sorry. 


Feel free to comment on all the posts, 3 times to make up for it. 

Cut the Crap


I have signed up for yet another challenge this month to go along with the Buy Nothing Challenge.  I am going to work on seriously de-cluttering the house.  Those of you who live around us know we are having a garage sale tomorrow and are thinking, “Didn’t she do that already?”  Well no, not really.  I have cleaned out areas and found stuff to sale, but I have not truly de-cluttered.  I have a couple of closets and drawers I don’t even like to open (come on you know you do too).  I save stuff just in case I might need it one day, but I haven’t needed it in five years, but I still might need it some day.  Ummm more than likely not!

Anyone can join me if they wish!

Blog Updates

We made some updates to the back-end of our blog last weekend and had a couple of glitches.  We think everything is all worked out now, but we did lose some of our email subscribers.  We re-registered the emails we could remember, but we could have missed a few.  So, if you usually get an email from us when we update the blog and you no longer are, please re-subscribe.  Sorry!  It is all Matt’s fault.  Really it is, because I don’t know how to do any of the stuff he did, so there is no way it is my fault.  Of course, I probably wouldn’t even have a blog if it wasn’t for him, so I really shouldn’t blame him, I should just be thanking him.  Thanks honey for maintaining the blog and all the crap that goes with it!

Buy Nothing Challenge

Matt and I have decide to participate in a Buy Nothing Challenge.  We have actually been kicking around the idea since January 1, and one of the blogs I read regularly issued a challenge and we decided to go for it.  For the month of April we can only buy the essentials.


That means:

  • No new clothes
  • No new gadgets
  • No new furniture or housewares
  • No salon services
  • No makeup
  • No tools
  • No bike parts (that one is just for Matt 🙂 )
  • No whatever else people buy
Anyone want to join us?