Monthly archives: March, 2008

Our weekend

On Saturday we went to the botanical gardens to see the butterflies and spring wild flowers.  Everything was beautiful….

How we spent or Earth Hour

Stephanie and I spent our earth hour outside, Under the stars. Here are some pics.     

Earth Hour Part 2 has an article up about the cities that have already participated. Also, has gone all black for today in honor of the event stating, “We’ve turned the lights out. Now it’s your turn – Earth Hour.” I hope everyone will participate!

Earth Hour

Tomorrow, March 29 at 8 pm (local time) is Earth Hour an event created by the World Wildlife Fund. All you have to do is simply turn of your lights for an hour. That is one easy thing to do for the environment. I plan on sitting in my backyard star gazing and enjoying the…


As you may know gas prices keep going up and I don’t think they are ever going to go back to around $1.30 a gallon. I find that a lot of people really like to complain about this fact, but that only a few are willing to make changes to their driving habits. Some people…

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday Mom, I hope you have a wonderful, fun-filled day. I hope Tom and Jerry get to celebrate with you next year, but this year you are stuck with just us. 🙂

Something Matt and I are passionate about

We often are not seen, so please drive responsibly.

True Compassion

This video shows that compassion can make a difference. It shows that even when you think you can do nothing, sometimes you just need to be there. How can you make a difference in your community?


Lately our City has been kicking around the idea of cross-training fire fighters as police officers and police officers as fire fighters. Now I know for a fact that fire fighters go through a ton of training each and every year just to be fire fighters, I have no idea how they could also possibly…

On the way to Ethiopia

Our dossier is anyway! Our dossier was shipped Friday, March 7 to Ethiopia. We are now officially waiting.

goal update for matt

Since steph posted her goal update, I’ll share mine. I still havent fixed the master bath toilet from leaking. This is affecting our goal o wasting less water. I do have the parts. Maybe this weekend. Although We have worked out more. I have failed to loose any weight. Im still 215. i guess for…

Goal Update

In January I listed some of my goals for 2008. Here is a quick update: Waste less: We are definitely eating most of the produce I buy. We have hardly wasted at all in that area! Occasionally something gets forgotten in the back of the fridge, but we have made a major improvement compared to…

Dossier Update

Our dossier did get shipped to Washington, D.C. on Thursday! I was informed it could take 5 – 10 days, but that it usually is arrives back at our agency the very next Friday, so hopefully it will be back at our agency March 7. After that our agency will ship it to Ethiopia.