NHL Winter Classic 2008!

I am super pumped about this. On New years day, the NHL is holding the first US outdoor, NHL regular season game in history. The game is between the Penguins and the Sabers, and should be a great game.

The game will be held in front of 70,000 fans in the buffalo Bills Stadium (tickets sold out in minutes).

The preparations have been impressive.

Last year the first NHL game held outdoors was in Alberta Canada, and the temps were in the -20° range. This year it should be a bit warmer at 24 – 30° at game time.

This is exciting for me, as my best friend and I lived on the pond hockey rink for 4 months each winter as kids. If we weren’t in school, you could find us on the pond. It was a great place to play hockey, and most of the NHL players playing in this game are also just as excited.

Merry Christmas!

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. We celebrated on Christmas Eve because my dad had to work Christmas day. We had a lovely feast of tacos and tostadas, put on our pajamas and opened gifts. We played the new games Michelle and I got after all the gifts were opened, and we ate Matt’s creation for dessert, let’s just say it was really, really sweet.

My mom hard at work in the kitchen

Jason and Michelle

My dad and his new wooden fire truck

Tom and Jerry even scored some toys.

Matt and his mega block fire truck (he admitted he would have trouble sharing legos)

Me and their new fisher price train

They even got a singing and dancing Christmas frog for their bathroom from Great Grandpa And Grandma Adams

I hope everyone else had a fantastic Christmas. We wish we could see all our friends and family for Christmas. Love and miss you guys!

I have uploaded more photos to the photo gallery.

The Tank Award

For those of you that have had the great pleasure of meeting our black lab mutt Tank, you will get this great comic. The trophy image is also appropriate.

Click to enlarge

For those that dont know, Tank is a little special when it comes to people, and behaving. He either likes you, or he doesnt (Just ask Stephanie’s brother Jason). The dog also has separation anxiety, making for more issues that we should allow.

F-minus is the greatest comic since farside.

Christmas Goodies!

We have spent the last two Sundays baking goodies for Christmas. We had a lot of fun and have lots of goodies! I thought I would share some pics.

Last weekend we made goodies to give away. (and yeah we ate plenty ourselves)

Here is my sister-in-law Michelle holding one of her beautiful candy trees and the trees themselves are below.

Matt really got into making the trees!

Me making some kiss and peanut butter cookies.

Jason, my little brother, got to help out this Sunday. Here he is making peanut clusters.

I think Matt and Michelle are addicted to making candy!

Me entertaining the dogs, who never got in the way. (yeah right)

Snowman cookies!

I cannot wait to make cookies for Santa next year with Tom and Jerry!

BBB Complaint?

Matt received an email this morning that his BBB case had been closed. Ummm what? We never got one that said we had an open complaint. The complaint stated that the person never got a reply to an email. I was, ummm, quite peeved at this point. Who complains over not getting a response to an email? So many things could have happened to that email. Also, why weren’t we ever given the opportunity to respond to the complaint? I was going to call the BBB, but first I had to see the email and complaint myself. Upon further investigation I figured out that my computer genius husband had been phished and had fallen for it. The thing that really made it stick out for me is that he said he had to open the link to the complaint in IE 6, which is odd because the BBB.org site works just fine in Safari and FireFox. So, I told him to take me to the link and it linked to another site. I thought my genius husband would notice this, because he usually is so alert in these matters, but I guess emotions can take over, but since I just couldn’t believe it could be true (because Matt is so wonderful at getting back to people and he saves every email he gets regarding wanting information) I didn’t fall for it. So, I logged onto the BBB site to get their phone number to call and see what can be done about phishing scams and they had a whole article about it right on the home page. To all the business owners out there please be aware of this, and don’t click on the link. Matt always says he is fine he is on a Mac, but the silly boy opened this link on Virtual PC and now has to run a virus scan.

So not cool!

On Saturday morning we woke up to shards of glass and torn down lights. No we didn’t not have one heck of a storm, and nope we don’t have a wildlife problem. Someone tore down our lights! They are stapled up so it completely tore the cords. We were lucky and only two strands were destroyed and none of the decorations in the front yard were touched. We were still upset that someone would do this, and that they don’t have respect for others. They didn’t dampen our Christmas spirit, the lights are back up, and we have moved on.

Need a holiday gift idea?

Greendimes is perfect for someone who is sick of all that junk mail. Plus you don’t have to hope it arrives in time to wrap, you just select the date you want it sent to their email.

They will also plant 10 trees for the recipient.

Mmmm Coffee

I don’t know about you, but I cannot start my day without my cup of coffee. According to the makers of Black Gold retail sales of coffee are 80 billion dollars per year, so I know I am not the only one with this morning addiction. (A short excerpt, 8:15 minutes, of the documentary is included below.) Continue reading “Mmmm Coffee”

Christmas Lights!

We put up our Christmas lights yesterday afternoon when we had a break in the windy, rainy weather. We wanted to do it last weekend, but it rained all day Saturday and we had other stuff to do on Sunday. Yesterday only required one emergency trip to the store to get one more strand of lights and some replacement bulbs because somebody (Matt) broke a couple. While I was gone at the store Matt decorated the shrubs with lights and I had one question for him when I got back. Did you make sure those worked? His answer, No. My response, okay I’ll do that. Two strands didn’t work, of course, and maybe Matt will check next year before putting them up, silly boy. I didn’t get any action shots of us working on the lights, but here is the finished product:

Matt didn’t take a picture that includes the other side of the yard where my polar bear is, maybe I can convince him to do it tonight.

Grocery Store Faux Pas

Today I committed the ultimate grocery store faux pas, something I hadn’t done in a very long time and work very hard at not doing. I went to the grocery store HUNGRY! It was bad. I bought things I never buy chips, pretzels (I wanted to go back and find chocolate after this so I could make dipped pretzels for people and us, of course), and carmel dip (at least this one was to go with the apples I bought and really for Matt). I had to talk myself out of buying so many other things. I wanted a frozen pizza! I haven’t had one in years, luckily I talked myself out of it. I wanted pretty much everything I saw, luckily I did have a little self restraint and didn’t buy it all. Later I discovered a granola bar in the bottom of my purse (I keep it there for emergencies like this) and had I noticed it sooner, I would have saved myself some money. What are some grocery store faux pas that you have fallen victim to?