More Time Part 2

Thank you for the comments and ideas on getting things done. I should have been more specific about our issue. We technically have enough time, we just don’t think we were making the wisest use of our time, yes we are time wasters. That is why we chose a tv fast. Have you ever noticed how you can just turn into a zombie when the tv is on? I promise myself I can clean and watch football, but usually just the watching football happens. We are also fully aware that once we have small children we won’t be watching much tv so we decided to work on our addiction now, yep we were addicted to our tv.

I will use the stay up late method only if I absolutely need to get something done by the next day and I have no other time to complete the task. I believe strongly in at least attempting to get enough sleep every night (Anyone think I am in for a big shock when we have kids?). I know some people can get by on 4-5 hours of sleep, but trust me you won’t want to be around me.

Bill thanks for bringing up Getting Things Done. We totally own that book and I have never even looked at it. I guess I should read it.

On a positive note, we both finally finished our autobiographies last night. I am proof reading them today and hopefully we can get our packet in the mail tomorrow. We are still waiting to see the doctor next week to get all our paperwork done for the home study, but we have our part done for now. We also started our series of shots that we need to have for travel purposes yesterday.

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  1. the Getting things done is a heady book. We also own Ready for Anything, a prequel to the GTD book. its easier to follow and implement.

  2. I didn’t care for Ready for Anything personally. The key point of GTD to me is to get the things you need to do out of your head and onto something. I don’t follow the GTD methodology all that much (I did for years though) because that’s really all I need.

    I feel your pain about motivation though. I’ve got several side projects going on in my life aside from the adoption and it’s very hard to want to work on them after a long day of work. The only advice I can give for what’s worked for me is to just muscle through it–a test of will.

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