That’s the name we have been saying loudly, frequently around here lately. Why is such a cute, little ball of black fur such a trouble maker? He has a serious addiction to cables/cords of all kind. We cannot figure out how he is still alive from all the electrical cords he has eaten. We have tried several kinds of bad tasting sprays which only seem to slow him down for a bit. We try hiding the cords behind furniture, but he is one determined kitty when he wants to eat something he is not supposed to. We even shut the doors to rooms he is not supposed to be in, but believe it or not the little bugger has figured out how to open doors, and yes even closet doors (he also eats wool, fleece, and leather). When we were leaving last Thursday morning and Matt was closing his office door, for reasons mentioned, I said shouldn’t we lock that, and he decided not to, because why would Carter want in there. Why? Of course, to eat cables and hide from everyone who was coming over to feed him and spend time with him, and because he gets mad at us when we leave.

But don’t worry all is forgiven each and every night when he cuddles with me so sweetly like he has never done anything wrong.

Carter in one of his less mischievous moments.
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Anyone have any other suggestions to try? Don’t suggest getting rid of him, because that is not going to happen.

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  1. I understand. Sandi and I have had rabbits in the past—they are an neverending source of cord mischief. I had no idea that a cat would do the same, though.

  2. This is the first cat I have ever had that is this way. I saw reviews on amazon on the CritterCord and two used it for cats and it worked. Hopefully this works for us.

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