Paperwork, Paperwork, and more Paperwork

We have been working on gathering up the appropriate paperwork to send in to our home study agency, so that we may begin the home study process hopefully by mid-November.  We have to wait until then because that is the soonest we can get in to see the doctor to get our letters saying that we are healthy. Here is what we have done so far:  

  •  Ordered additional Marriage and Birth Certificates
  • Asked for Reference Letters from five people (Thank You so much to those who are writing them)
  • Matt’s Income Letter (had to come from our accountant)
  • CPS Clearance Form
  • Adoption Application
  • Adoption Agreement
  • Release Form
  • Passports
  • Home Study Contract
  • Sent in our I-600a and received our appointment for fingerprinting with INS
  • Commitment to Excellence Form
  • Application for Pre-Certification for Adoption through Pinal County Courts

Here is what we are working on this week:

  • Autobiographies (4-10 pages each, Matt’s is way better than mine, I am so not a writer)
  • Getting fingerprinted twice (going to Pinal County tomorrow and to INS on Saturday)
  • Financial Declaration (now that I finally have Matt’s income figured out thanks to the accountant I can get this done)
  • Financial Statement (more of a budgetary statement vs. the asset statements in the Financial Declaration)
  • Home Study Application (8 pages)
  • Police Report (anything I should know about honey?)

 I hope to get all the appropriate paperwork in the mail before next Thursday (we are going to California for a little business trip). By the way I am totally avoiding my autobiography by blogging instead.  

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  1. well there was this one time in high school, that involved spinning high speed donuts in a muddy field. Cops didnt like it much. I think kamal was there for that. But no, no records on the police report for me.

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