I have mentioned GreenDimes before in my post on junk mail. I am bringing them up again because they now have a referral program ($5 referral bonus). I sent out a bunch of emails from to hopefully get some people to sign up, plus I would love to reduce junk mail for all. All the proceeds from any sign-ups made through my emails will go to helping fund our adoption. For only $15 you can help the environment, yourself (less mail to sort), and our adoption (thanks).Here is what greendimes does:For a $15 one-time fee, the GreenDimes Junk Mail Reduction Kit reduces your home’s junk mail by up to 90% and includes:

  • Automatic removal from major direct marketing lists
  • A simple online tool to manage catalog and non-profit mailings
  • Monthly monitoring of your DMA registration
  • A set of personalized postcards to sign and send to more junk mail companies
  • Ten trees planted with one of our non-profit tree-planting partners

For more info visit greendimes.comIf you didn’t receive an email from greendimes today and would like to sign-up,Email Me , I may not have your correct email address, or check your junk/spam folder.  

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