Paper or Plastic?

Neither! I made the switch to reusable bags sometime last summer. I’ll be honest I was afraid of the reception I would get at the grocery store, but I was sick of all those little plastic bags I was bringing home and having to store since my recycle bin doesn’t take them. I knew I had to make a change with one visit to the grocery store, where the bagger only put one or two items per bag, I came home with a lot of plastic bags that day, and I never wanted that to happen again. So, I started to make the switch. Reusable bags are not free so I only bought a couple at a time, and I now have seven I use on a regular basis at the grocery store, plus a few reusable produce bags. The bags are much bigger and stronger, so they hold quite a bit more stuff. I also have two that fold up small enough to fit in my purse, which means I always have a bag with me. I have used them at a variety of stores including large discount stores, the mall, auto part stores, home improvement stores, drug stores, pretty much anywhere I go and I need a bag. I have had no problems using them.

Lawmakers considering a ban on plastic bags in favor of using paper, is that really the answer? Plastic Bag Ban

Crazy collecting is only one option: Bag Collectors

Where I get my reusable bags: Reusable Bags

Some of my favorite bags:

B.happybags (a girl has to have at least one cute bag)


(produce bags)

(fit in your purse)

If you brown bag your lunch, try these: wrap-n-mat , they work great for a variety of things including sandwiches, veggies, chips, and crackers.

If you order from try the coupon code Free Acme Bag in the comments section on orders over $25, they run this promotion from time to time so it never hurts to try.

These were in the Arizona Republic recently and Debi is very nice and passionate about here cause: greensaks Even though the bags are made of Polypropylene, a plastic (the material we are trying to replace), I think there are a great buy and if they get worn out they are recyclable.