Matts Summer Reading

Time to add to my summer reading list.

these are a must.

summmer reading

The Official Rock Paper Scissors Strategy Guide – Oh yes. One cannot throw down until he knows the ways of the hand. Written by Douglas and Graham Walker, “leaders of the World RPS Society and organizers of the annual RPS International World Championship.”

The Way of the Thumb – Full-fisted conflicts are for sissies. Real warriors use thumbs. Penned by the fingers (and thumbs) of Oscar Villalon, three-time champion of the 826 Valencia Thumb Wrestling Tournament.

3 Replies to “Matts Summer Reading”

  1. HAH – hilarious…. this is just one more reason why I dont go to libraries anymore… J/K

    I just think it’s funny that the RPS book appears to be, what? 75 pages long? I dont think Ghandi’s biography was that long, and it had pictures! Definately a good find… I was expecting something from Oprah’s repertoire…

    And on a completely different tangent:

    Go See the Transformers Movie!It was awesome!

    It was basically a big USAF advertisement with great graphics, great plot, cool cars, awesome action scenes, and a couple hot chicks – a recipe for excellence!

    It automatically entered my top 5? Well, top 7 for sure…

    This just proves I need my own blog… sorry!

  2. I need to become a member of the local amateur RPS (rock paper scissors) chapter. Im holding out from the pros for when they finally ackknowlege RPS as a true Olympic sport, introduce RPS in the Olympics.

    nice. Some one else recently gave a similar rave review. I may have to check out transformers.

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  3. Yeah – I cant check out the site at work… I’ll have to wait until I get back to Germania in August…

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