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  1. Now let’s take this one step further… Make the ice tanks in rounded rectangles measuring, oh idunno, 200 x 50 Feet. Then add some netting and wooden boards, and voila! We would have ice rinks in every major building, in every major city! This way we can bring down the price of hourly ice rentals, which would in-turn bring down the price of all-season ice hockey leagues. Then, we could declare ice hockey the new national pastime, as we could easily have at least a minor league team in every major city across This Great Nation of our’s, God bless it

    I can see this blossoming into more and more- it could be the greatest upgrade since Windows Vista (can you taste the sarcasm?) or the best idea since the I-phone HA HAH!

    I give this idea the “Double Fonz” green-thumbs up for originality/functionality. Now lets just take it one step further and make Ice Hockey available to inner-city kids. Keeps ’em off the streets!

  2. if companies charged a minimal amount for this said ice time, the install costs could be offset in just a few years.

    fyi: i almost banned you from ever commenting again for your use of the word vista, and microsoft.

  3. HAHAH – cummon… I told you I was yoking.

    But yeah, they would start profiting again in no-time, and America’s cities would benefit from the gift of Hockey… It’s also a great stress release and outlet for potential domestic violence – we would not only save lives, we would save families!

    We’ll call it the “Twice as Nice on Ice” program – how do I get that copyrighted?

  4. I just wanted to see if this would work… HAHA

  5. HEY – I forgot to tell you! I just got my orders and I found out I’m going to Nellis AFB, in Las Vegas! I’m pumped! How far of a drive is that from where you are?

    Right now I’m looking for a house, but I have some connections, so it should’nt be too hard. It will be nice to be close to Colorado again…

  6. twice as nice on ice sounds like a great tshirt. as well as an inner city / building cooling program.

    awesome about vegas. we will have to head up there. its only about a 6 hour drive or so. not sure how long of a drive to colorado it would be. probably about 15 hours or more. maybe better to fly.

  7. 6 hours is nothing! SOOOOPER…

    As soon as we get moved in, you’ll always have a place to stay when you come visit!

  8. cool deal. keep us posted. we have other friends in vegas, as well as a client or two to visit.

    We are heading to CO from August 30 to Sept 5th. I cant wait.

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