hey its our blog

so i can finally stop joking about having a blog. i hope we can keep this up to date for family and friends.

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  1. Ya know, ever since moving overseas I’ve been kinduva ghost of sorts. I was debating about doing the whole “myspace” thing, but cant get over the 13 year-old maturity stigma that comes with it. Plus, I’m so freakin’ addicted to R32 forums, Kierra would kill me if I spent anymore time on my computer…

    I guess the real reason I dont keep in contact is I HATE email – since I have to use it everyday for work. My life would be way more efficient if we went back to telephones… well, ok – less efficient, but way more enjoyable!

    I’ll try and keep posting as long as the US government doesnt add your website the the banned list of sites I happen to enjoy (i wont mention any names – haha)…

    Anyways, the whole point of my ramblings is that I love your website, and may have to “plagiarize” the idea if you can give me some tips… (ie: HTML lessons fo’ flea?)

    This website is GREAT! I give it two thumbs way up!

  2. kamal, you should try out virb. its a lot better than myspace.

    Or just keep in touch here.

    You can score your own blog with wordpress.com or blogger.com is pretty good and free too. No HTML required.

    how long till you are done with germany? are you coming back to the states? or heading out somewhere else?

  3. I dont mind HTML, i just need to learn more… And with my own website I could upload pictures and videos from my travels around europe so I can post them in forums in stead of using annoying filedump sites – a definate must… where did you go to creat your own dotcom?

    I’ll definately check out those other sites….

    As far as my PCS orders (permanent change of station), I should find out any day now… in fact I have been waiting for over a month for THE email… as soon as I find out I’ll let you know. I have heard a rumor (from a very reliable source that has some very reliable connections) that it will be a stateside base on the west side of the nation, but until I find out for sure I’m not going to get anyone’s hopes up.
    I’ve had my fun in Europe, but to be honest, I’m ready to come home.

  4. godaddy.com has domains, and they can be set up anywhere after that. Its just a redirect. Domains are $9 a year.

    WordPress.com has free hosting of their blogs. id recommend WP (nice initials) over blogger or other blog companies. WP is more customizable.

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